School Based Art Enrichment Activities and Purchases

Proceeds from the Fine Art@Hale Exhibition are also directed towards various art enrichment activities across the Hale School campus.  This might include funding for school art excursions, artist in residence programs, and the purchase of specialised equipment for the art department beyond the scope of the normal school budget.

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence, Michael O’Connell, with Year 9 students, 2018.

Purchase of Equipment

Here are some of the Junior School art students exploring the use of technology in art through iPads donated to the Junior School Art Department from Fine Art@Hale.

Art Excursions

Junior School Art Excursions funded by Fine Art@Hale: Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe and the fantastic Rebels, Radicals & Pathfinders at AGWA.

And visiting the Fine Art@Hale Exhibition on campus!

Students from Hale Junior School visiting the FA@H 2018 Exhibition in conversation with FA@H Curator, Lee Kinsella.