About Jina Lee

Jina Lee began her journey as a sculptor in 1999 after being accepted into the Kaywon School of Arts in South Korea. This led her to complete a Bachelor of Fine Art at the National University of Cultural Heritage and a Master of Fine Art majoring in Sculpture at Kookmin University in South Korea.

Jina specializes in stone sculptures inspired by organic forms. She uses traditional techniques of chiseling and polishing to present a tactile and timeless finish. She works with all types of stones as well as working with bronze, incorporating this medium into her sculptures to complement the stone. Jina is hands-on from the very first steps of designing the concept, sourcing materials for sculptures and physically creating the artwork herself at her J Shed studio in Fremantle, WA. Her stone sculptures are installed in public collections both interstate and internationally.

Jina Lee
, 2017
Image © Courtesy of Artist