Tatiana Amaral – A Natural Way with Paper

Tatiana Amaral has always been drawn to making visual art. From a young age, she found paper to be a natural medium. She paints, tears, burns, shapes and remakes paper into intricate artworks – much as she has remade herself in her adopted country of Australia.

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Fleur Schell

Fleur Schell’s new works are at once charming, meaningful and wonderfully executed by an artist happy to share both why and how they have come to be.

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Jennie Merritt – Behind the Torch

Originally from the UK, Jennie Merritt has exhibited with Fine Art@Hale since 2019. Jennie’s creative journey is one of challenging herself and pushing the limits of her chosen medium.

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Greg Barr – The Soul of an Artist

In 2015, Greg Barr was commissioned by the Nulsen Group to paint an artwork commemorating the ten year anniversary of the Nulsen Youth Patron Program at Hale. This year marks 15 years of that relationship and the first time Greg is exhibiting with Fine Art@Hale.

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The Humour in the Art

Leon Pericles, one of Australia’s most prominent and prolific artists, is the only person to have exhibited with Fine Art@Hale every year since 1993. In the lead up to this year’s exhibition, we caught up with Leon to discuss his continued connection to Hale and the humour that both drives his creativity and serves as his greatest reward.

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Sam Hopkins – Experiments in Sculpture

Exhibiting at Fine Art@Hale for the first time in 2019, Sam Hopkins was thrilled to have his sculpture En Masse purchased by the Year 6 class as a parting gift to the Junior School. The talk he gave to the class provided him with some extra inspiration for a sculpture that will be exhibited at Fine Art@Hale 2020.

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Author: Heidi Thavaseelan