2021 Exhibition

2021 Fine Art@Hale Exhibition

Friday 23rd July to Sunday 25th July

Continuing ONLINE until 22 August!

To see artists invited to exhibit for our 2021 exhibition you can visit our Artists page.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected to news on this year’s exhibition.

See below to view artists and work featured in Fine Art@Hale 2021.

Thanks to Purchasers!

Thank you to all our patrons who purchased something at our first Fine Art@Hale ONLINE exhibition!  The response to our online catalogue was quite phenomenal, in part due to the quality and breadth of work available, but moreover as a consequence of the supportive patronage that Fine Art@Hale enjoys.   Thank you so much!

From all reports, most artworks have been delivered, and we trust that purchasers and artists alike have enjoyed the opportunities for engagement that this has enabled.


People’s Choice Award

The votes are in and have been counted!  Congratulations to Sally Edmonds whose work River Dancer (below) was voted as the 2020 People’s Choice winner.  No stranger to Fine Art@Hale, this is the third year that one of Sally’s works has been voted the winner of this award.

Congratulations to Alice Dreyer whose name was drawn as the winner of Swoop III by ceramist Sandra Black.