Sioux Tempestt

About Sioux Tempestt

Sioux Tempestt is a Mount Lawley artist with a graphic design background. In addition to studio-based works, her practice employs a multi-disciplinary approach, generating mural, public, sculptural and digital art which meaningfully contributes to its context. Sioux intuitively fuses colour and form to investigate the integration of abstract expressionism within different realms. She seeks to conceptually express dynamism and movement through painterly interpretations. The marks of paint and other medium recording the kinetic energy of paint as it is transferred from body to surface. Sioux’s interest in urban art is evidenced by the incorporation of aerosol in her work.

Sometimes You Can’t See Something Until You’re Looking For It
Sioux Tempestt
, 2019
acrylic, aerosol, pencil and oil stick on canvas
Image © Courtesy of Artist