Student Activity

Writing About Art

This year, Hale School Headmaster Mr Dell’Oro has approved the trial of the Fine Art @ Hale Exhibition opening for an extra 3 days during the school week. The exhibition offers a fantastic opportunity for boys from across the school to view some incredible Western Australian art, right on their own campus.

Whether students visit the exhibition as a teacher led activity based around the curriculum, as a class incursion, through our guest artist talk to the boarders, or just as a visit during their own lunch break, they are all encouraged to view, engage, talk and hopefully, write about the art that they have the opportunity to explore.

Together with the Art Department Heads in both the Senior and Junior School – Mr Haydn Jackson and Ms Lisa Hakkinen – our FA@H Curator, Ms Lee Kinsella, has developed some worksheets for students to download and complete over the course of the exhibition.

Writing about art is a great skill to develop, so why not give it a go?

Hand in completed forms at Memorial Hall by Friday 2nd August, or email a copy to us at for your chance to have your writing displayed with your favourite artwork!