Art Commissions at Hale School

Public art on the Hale School campus operates not only as a means to celebrate specific buildings and milestones, but more broadly it offers all visitors to the campus an opportunity to understand and appreciate the rich history of the school, its diverse community and the unique and meaningful space that encompasses Hale School.

Under direction and in consultation with Hale School, the Fine Art@Hale Committee has funded several significant commissioned artworks.  Variously designed to commemorate important school milestones, celebrate the opening of new buildings or to acknowledge qualities of past leaders,  these artworks define significant moments in the Hale School story.

Young Hearts, Run Free, 1998

Andrew Stumpfel-Shaw

This sculpture interprets the theme in two parts – a young heart and freedom.

The four standards support sculptured bronzed wings or vanes. Young hearts, however, are not the sole domain of the under 18s – the wings move to face into the wind and therefore are in a constant state of change. Mixed with this theme are the cardinal points of the compass, Plato’s virtues and four of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (knowledge, piety, wisdom and understanding).

The title of this sculpture references the  book of the same name – Young Hearts, Run Free (1993) by former Headmaster Dr Ken Tregonning.

Commissioned for the opening of new Art & Sculpture Centre in 1998.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, 2001

Jules Sher

“Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the essential elements for the regeneration of the natural environment.  I distil observations from an aerial point of view in an attempt to articulate the presiding spirit of the place and its transformation through heat, dust, fire, wind and rain – within the context of geological time.  Whilst striking a balance between structural concerns, tonal and spatial illusion, my paintings create a balance between realism and abstraction.” Artist, Jules Sher

Commissioned for the opening of the John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre, 2001.

The Spirit of the Voyage, 2004

Michael O’Connell

Embodying the journey through childhood to independence in an environment of love and nurturing.

“Let them leave the nest and begin the voyage. As they start their climb, urge them to recognise the strength that comes from mateship and the eternal happiness that comes from following the heart.” Artist, Michael O’Connell

Commissioned for the atrium of the newly opened Senior Boarding House in 2004.

Cygnus Rising, 2010

Smith Sculptors

Drawing on the official school crest and featuring a swan with outstretched wings.

The swan taking flight symbolizes the commencement of a new and exciting journey as young men move out into the world with a sense of accomplishment, maturity and confidence gained during their years at school.  The outstretched wings can also be interpreted as a gesture of celebration and embracing the future.

Commissioned for Hale School’s special 150thAnniversary.

The Search for Inspiration, 2017

Hans Bruechle, aka Handbrake

Situated in an outdoor corridor of the Hale Middle School, leading from the Middle School to Memorial Hall.

The mural represents all the programs on offer at the school and depicts a character searching for a ‘light bulb moment of inspiration’.

Commissioned for the 25thAnniversary of Fine Art@Hale.