Who Benefits?

The mission statement of Fine Art@Hale:

To encourage an engagement with the visual arts at Hale School, which fosters different ways of seeing, creativity, critical thinking and community connection.

Acknowledged for the significant social and cultural value that it brings to the school, the Fine Art@Hale Exhibition is a highlight of the school’s calendar. Beyond the weekend exhibition, the wider impact of Fine Art@Hale’s activities is through the exposure and engagement of students with art and artists, and the redirection of proceeds back into the visual arts at Hale School.

Through a program of art scholarships, art prizes and awards, artist in residence programs and activities across campus, Fine Art@Hale seeks to raise awareness and provide opportunities for on-campus engagement with the visual arts and the creative process.  In addition, the committee has historically funded the purchase of artworks for the school’s art collection, together with specific commissions to commemorate occasions in the school’s history.

From 2019, with the support of Headmaster Dean Dell’Oro, Fine Art@Hale is expanding beyond a weekend event into an on-campus exhibition for students.  The availability of the exhibition as a teaching resource provides Hale School staff with the opportunity to use the visual arts as tools for student engagement in the curriculum.

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Student Art Prizes and Scholarships

Alex Allen
2019 Fine Art@Hale Scholarship recipient with work from his Year 11 portfolio

MO_The Spirit of the Voyage_3_2004

Art Commissions Around Hale School

The Spirit of the Voyage, 2004, Michael O'Connell

Sculptures by the Sea 2018

Art Enrichment Activities

Year 6 excursion to Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe, 2018

Anita Phillips

Artist Awards

This Steadfast Countenance, 2022, by Anita Phillips