Terms and Conditions 2024

Fine Art@Hale 2024  
Held in Memorial Hall, Hale School
Friday 19 July to Sunday 21 July 2024
Online Catalogue available from
Saturday 20 July – Friday 26 July 2024


  • Only artists who receive a personal invitation from the Fine Art@Hale Committee may enter artwork into the Fine Art@Hale Exhibition. 
  • To be eligible for invitation, all entrants must be 18 years of age or over as of 30 June of the exhibition year.
  • Artwork must be made available for sale exclusively by Fine Art@Hale for the FULL time frame of the physical AND online exhibition – from 19 to 26 July 2024. 



  • All artworks must have been produced within the last two (2) years, and not previously publicly exhibited. The Committee reserves the right to make discretionary exclusions to this condition.
  • All artworks must be the original work of the artist. Fine Art@Hale does not accept open edition prints nor artwork that is reproduced (ie: digitally) and sold in multiple formats. Limited edition prints are welcome and should be noted as such on the entry form.
  • The total number of entries permitted per artist is:
    • Paintings, 2D artworks and textile hangings – three (3) works
    • Prints – three (3) prints with a maximum of three (3) editions of each (a maximum of nine (9) total works)
    • Ceramic, Glass, Sculpture, Textile – six (6) works
    • Jewellery – up to ten (10) items in total
  • All artworks submitted for exhibition will be displayed at the absolute discretion of the Committee.
  • Paintings and prints should be no larger than 1 metre high x 1.2 metres wide (including frame). This restriction reflects the size of the display boards used in Memorial Hall. At the Committee’s discretion, 2D artists may be permitted to exhibit one (1) larger piece. Larger pieces must be presented to the Committee for approval via email to hale.art@live.com.



  • The online entry form is password protected and sent via email to invited artists. It will be LIVE on Friday 7 June 2024 and CLOSE on Friday 28 June 2024. The form must be completed online and in full, together with images of ALL artwork being submitted for consideration.
  • Quality images of artwork are the responsibility of the exhibiting artist and must abide by the following guidelines:
    • JPEG format
    • Maximum file size 128MB
    • Image files to be saved as the artwork title (at a minimum) and name of image credit (if not artist)
    • Framed artwork must include the frame in the image (or a second image should be provided via email with the frame insitu)
  • Artists consent to whole or cropped images of their artwork being used for promotional purposes in print and online. These images may be used by Fine Art@Hale for current and future marketing, promotion and/or educational purposes at no cost. Image credits will consist of: artist name; title of work; year of production; photo credit; courtesy and copyright of the artist. Whilst the Committee accepts all artwork images, there is no guarantee that an artist’s artwork will be used in the promotion of Fine Art@Hale.
  • All artists are required to supply the Fine Art@Hale Committee with either:
    • an ABN (Australian Business Number), OR
    • a Statement by a Supplier stating that you are not required to quote an ABN
  • The Statement by a Supplier provides a declaration that an artist does not have to quote an ABN because the activity is a private recreational pursuit or hobby. To access a copy of this form, please click HERE. Returning artists are only required to provide the Statement again if any details have changed.
  • ALL artists, including 3D, jewellery and textile artists, are required to detail the dimensions of their artworks in the online application form.
  • Artists exhibiting prints are required to detail each available work within an edition in a separate line of the artist application form, noting the edition number and whether the work is framed or unframed.  
  • The Committee must approve any substitution or withdrawal of artworks nominated on the entry form no later than 5 July 2024, and any approval to substitute artworks will be at the Committee’s absolute discretion. Please notify the Committee of any changes via email to hale.art@live.com
  • All artworks accepted as of 5 July 2024 will be included in the catalogue and must be available for exhibition as required by the Committee.



Delivery of Artwork for Exhibition

Artwork should be delivered to Memorial Hall, Hale School between 8.30am and 1.00pm on the following dates:

  • Saturday 13 July 2024 – 2D Artwork
  • Monday 15 July 2024 – Jewellery, Ceramic, Glass, Textile and Sculpture
  • Framed prints intended for display should be delivered to the exhibition on Saturday 13 July 2024 between 8.30am and 1.00pm. Unframed prints available for sale are to be retained by the artist and delivered to the purchaser according to the delivery of ONLINE purchases outlined below.
  • Artists will be expected to sign to acknowledge the delivery and accurate details of their artworks.
  • Artworks must be finished and ready to display. 2D artworks are to be dry and ready for hanging by either D-rings or wire. 
  • The Committee reserves the right to not display artwork which:
    •  fails to meet a satisfactory standard of presentation; and/or
    • is deemed to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate in a school environment. 
  • All artists are responsible for both the delivery and the collection of their unsold artworks.
  • Hale School and its Insurer will not accept responsibility for any damage caused by or to the artist, delivery person or artwork during transport to and from the exhibition venue. The artist hereby indemnifies Hale School and the Committee to the fullest extent possible against any claims made as a result of transport or delivery of the artworks.

Please contact the Committee at hale.art@live.com for deliveries outside the above time frame.



The following Artist Awards are offered at Fine Art@Hale this year:

Best Artwork Award – $2000

Best Emerging Artist- $500

People’s Choice Award

Brine House Award

In the unlikely event that the exhibition reverts to an ONLINE format ONLY, no artist awards will be conferred.



  • All artists exhibiting at the Fine Art@Hale exhibition consent to the physical exhibition and sale of their artwork (19 to 21 July 2024) and online sale of their artwork (20 to 26 July 2024) by the Committee for the price nominated on the entry form.
  • The artist warrants that they retain title of the artworks and indemnifies Hale School and the Committee in full for any costs and/or expenses incurred as a result of any claims regarding title of the works.
  • Purchasers will be able to provide payment for artworks on the Fine Art@Hale website via the SecurePay payment gateway which will accept all major credit cards.
  • At the point of purchase, purchasers will be required to consent that there are no refunds or returns for change of mind.
  • Any change to the sale price or the terms of sale shall be advised to the artist at least 24 hours prior to the exhibition, and the artist may accept, refuse or vary those terms.



Collection of Artwork from the PHYSICAL Exhibition

  • Artworks purchased over the weekend exhibition of 19 to 21 July 2024 will be collected by the purchaser at the close of the physical exhibition (ie: after 4.30pm Sunday 21 July 2024).
  • Unsold artworks are to be collected by the artist on Monday 22 July before 11am from Memorial Hall.


Delivery of Purchases from the ONLINE Exhibition

  • For ONLINE sales AFTER the conclusion of the physical exhibition, full responsibility for arranging the timely delivery of purchased artwork is the responsibility of the artist. The purchaser provides consent at the point of purchase to reimburse the artist for reasonable costs of delivery. Wherever possible, artists are encouraged to arrange delivery or collection in person.
  • Artists will be notified of successful online sales and purchaser details no more than 48 hours after the sale, following which the artist is requested to contact the purchaser to arrange delivery in a timely manner.
  • All freight and insurance costs for the delivery of online purchases of artwork are at the discretion and responsibility of the artist.
  • Artworks must be delivered to the purchaser within 2 weeks of purchase.
  • Fine Art@Hale provides no insurance for artworks at any point during the time of the online exhibition, or for the successful delivery of artwork purchases.



  • The Committee will retain a commission of thirty percent (30%) on all artwork that is sold. The commission retained is inclusive of GST.
  • Payment for sold artworks will consist of the balance of the sale price less the commission, and will be made to the bank account nominated by the artist on the entry form. Payment will be made on or before 30 days after the close of the exhibition (that is, on or before 26 August 2024).



  • Online Entry Forms: 7 – 28 June 2024
  • Changes requested via email by 5 July 2024
  • Delivery to Memorial Hall:
    • 2D only: 13 July 2024 from 8.30am – 1pm
    • all remaining artworks: 15 July 2024 from 8.30am – 1pm
  • Collection of Unsold Artwork: by 11am on 22 July 2024
  • Delivery of Online Purchases: no later than 2 weeks from purchase
  • Artist Payments: on or before 26 August 2024