Our Mission & Values Statement


To encourage an engagement with the visual arts at Hale School, which fosters different ways of seeing, creativity, critical thinking and community connection.


To stage an annual exhibition of fine art on the Hale School campus, that provides the opportunity for current Hale students, Old Haleians, families and the wider community to engage with art and artists in an educational environment.

To highlight the visual arts within the Hale School community and drive an increased appreciation for visual arts amongst our audience by:

  1. acknowledging and creating opportunities for creative learning[1]using the visual arts as tools of analysis.
  2. encouraging the development of critical thinking[2]in relation to the visual arts.
  3. recognising the pursuit of excellence by those who choose to follow a career in the visual arts.

To direct proceeds from the annual exhibition towards a program of activities and purchases in and around Hale School which raise awareness, understanding and provide opportunities for on-campus engagement with the visual arts, artists and the creative process.

[1]Creative learning is the process of acquiring knowledge and abilities using creative processes.  In other words, creating theories, tests, stories, solutions, analysis and designs as opposed to simply trying to memorize information.

[2]Critical thinking is quite compatible with thinking “out-of-the-box”, challenging consensus and pursuing less popular approaches.  If anything, critical thinking is an essential part of creativity because we need critical thinking to evaluate and improve our creative ideas.