Jennie Merritt

Jennie is a full-time lampwork glass artist, melting and sculpting glass rods in a torch flame to create her pieces. She is a self-taught artist, learning from books and the internet since 2009. She uses other materials including wire, metals and mixed media to complement her flame worked glass components. Jennie continues to evolve as an artist. She is particularly drawn to botanicals and has developed a signature style of melting glass onto wire and steel rod to use in her pieces. In 2023, Jennie returns to traditional bead making, adding her own twist for a truly unique jewellery collection.

Read more about Jennie Merritt in this FA@H Blog post:

Mono Floral Necklace
Jennie Merritt, 2023
Flameworked glass on wire, rubber necklace
Image © Courtesy of Artist

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